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Capital Gain Bali’s tourism

Capital Gain Bali’s tourism

holiday and residential ownership markets are global and multi-cultural. Bali ended 2016 with a record-high 4,904,175 foreign tourist arrivals representating an increase of 22.55% over total foreign arrivals recorded in 2015. The Island of the Gods is annually ranked in the top 5 amongst the world’s most popular destinations. Regardless of Indonesia’s economical or political issues, Bali proves to be a self-sustained powerhouse with unlimited potential.

A hidden gem within the Asia Pacific region, the Bukit Peninsula area of Bali truly embodies the natural beauty of the archipelago. Home to Bali’s most beautiful white sand beaches, several five star restaurants and internationally award-winning luxury resorts, certain areas in Bukit Peninsula is forecast to experience a similar property boom and double-digit ROI as Ubud and Seminyak have enjoyed in the recent years.

Centrally located to points of interest in Bukit Peninsula, Ungasan has been under-stated and it is boasted with excellent potential. Furthermore Hideaway Residence is benchmarked against competitors in the area allowing you to obtain the best value on capital appreciation.

We are and will remain undefeated in terms of product and pricing, allowing you to obtain the best value on capital appreciation.
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Capital Gain Bali’s tourism
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